about us

We are family... some of us at least! 
We are a family business, firmly anchored in the beautiful Glarus region. We have been importing and distributing fashion from various brands and running our own stores for over 20 years. For over 15 years, there has been a very close partnership with Migros, the largest trading company in Switzerland.

Willy Glaus

Founder and owner of the company.
He has been in the fashion industry since the invention of clothes.
He takes care of the buying

Marc Glaus

Has been with the company since the beginning.
He is the executive part and pulls the strings in the background

Barbara Hauser

Barbara will soon be part of the inventory.
She not only takes care of the accounting, but also the personnel

Natascha Ulrich

Without Natasha, nothing comes in and nothing goes out.
She coordinates the flow of goods, the warehouse and the buying

Sarah Glaus

Sarah is responsible for getting the look right!
She does the advertising and buying for the stores.
She also runs the shop in Glarus together with Bea

Bea Glaus

Bea runs the store in Glarus together with Sarah and is part of the buying team

Sabine Zweifel

Sabi's job is to distribute goods. Together with the warehouse team, she processes half a million pieces of clothing every year!

Faton Jaiji

Faton does everything that requires two skilled hands. Shop fitting, deliveries, help in the warehouse... he is used everywhere!
We definitely need to figure out how to pronounce his name

Esthi Grütter

Esthi supports Barbara in accounting


In Glarus we operate our own distribution centre. Every year, half a million pieces of clothing are prepared and made ready to sell.

15 employees

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work at our warehouse in Glarus. They unpack goods, hang them on hangers, label each item, distribute the processed goods to 45 locations and pack them.

15'000 Boxes

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Our 15 warehouse workers receive over 50 truck deliveries every year. Almost 15,000 boxes will be delivered distributed on 1,000 pallets.
Stacked on top of each other, the boxes would be higher than Mont Blanc!

500'000 pieces of clothing 

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Our suppliers send us half a million pieces of clothing every year.
Each of these items goes through the hands of our warehouse staff and is examined at our warehouse for quality defects.