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We are the exclusive importer of the brands SOYACONCEPT and BROADWAY. In addition, we work very closely with the bestseller group and other suppliers in order to be able to offer our customers a broad and balanced range.



Caring is in our DNA – we care about our colleagues, our partners, and customers. We care that we deliver the best product possible in both quality, price, and durability. Our product is a reflection of our values, and we must always evolve, inspire, and be open to new innovations to stay relevant.

Our brand Soyaconcept is a colorful, feminine brand. We offer fashionable, high-quality womenswear, at
affordable prices, making it possible for every woman to be dressed stylishly and comfortably. That in itself may not be all that unique, but this is: Our collections are made for women. The female shape is our shape.

Creating lasting fashion and styles we can be proud of is key to us. For us it’s not just about passing trends – it’s about style, and creating a wardrobe with high quality pieces that can last years. That being said, the demands we, as a fashion company, have to meet, have increased and intensified over the years – demands and requirements we follow and firmly believe in – because we care about the impact our business has on our planet and the people and animals on it.



BROADWAY NYC stands for casual, sporty yet feminine fashion with a feel-good character. The modern woman wants to express her style through individuality and uniqueness.


At BROADWAY NYC, we share your passion for fashion. Discover our wide range of lifestyle fashion and let us inspire and enthuse you with the latest designs and trends featured in every season. Feminine lines, quality fabrics and perfect fits - affordable casual and feminine designs have the potential to make modern women look great in any situation and stage themselves just the way they fancy and see fit.is a fashion company from Hamburg that stays true to its roots: product know-how, reliable fit competence and trend orientation for the target customer in the fashionable middle segment! At the same time, we are constantly working on fashion innovations.


partner brands

Angels Jeans
We provide you with the perfect jeans and are not afraid to think outside the box. Join us on our journey and see for yourself what makes us so special!

JDY is an international fashion brand that belongs to the Bestseller Group. JDY offers affordable fashion to trend-conscious young women.

Buena Vista
Buena Vista stands for an individual style with a perfect fit, attention to detail, innovative
Fabrics and good quality at fair prices.

Vero Moda
VERO MODA is BESTSELLER's first fashion label and one of the most recognisable high-street European fashion brands - appealing to all generations 

From timeless and classic to eccentric and challenging, our styles are varied in look and feel but always uncomplicated and carefully crafted. Our signature is a subversive take on contemporary classics. 

We always strive to add an edgy touch to our progressive styles and aim to offer collections that can be the base to any wardrobe, always in sync with the current tendencies.

Our denim heritage is sewn into every pair of jeans and pants we make - it's our DNA. Inspired by the latest fashion, we design our clothing using the latest technologies and fabric innovations.
Product is a sub-brand of Jack & Jonnes


Every month our buying team visits our suppliers in the fashion capitals of Italy and puts together monthly programs for our customers. This means we can show the latest in trends every month.